When The Government Shut You Down, Stay Calm and Shut The Government Down.
Democracy is a Lie, it’s a Deception to keep the masses busy voting for the same Corporate Governments.
The Government is Just a Corporation Entity funded and manage by shadow Corporate Elites to keep you under control enslavement, You the People are Human and not Corporate Slaves. Reclaim your rights and freedom.

The World Deserves Better in Meritocracy. No Nepotism, End Elites Privileges, It’s Not Who Your Parents Are, It’s Who You Are. Meritocracy is the inevitable culmination of the long path of political evolution.

The ultimate political system is one that recognizes the spiritual dimension of humanity, unlike capitalism and communism, yet lets people explore their spirituality in whatever way they find most inspiring and helpful, without any inflexible, exclusive, dogmatic, hateful ideology.

The ultimate political system is one that is designed to continually evolve to meet the needs of the time.

The ultimate political system is one that always reflects the General Will of the people.
The ultimate political system provides an equal opportunity for everyone. It prevents the creation of dynastic elites. It stops any individual or group from acquiring too many resources, too much power and wealth. It eliminates privilege, nepotism and cronyism.

Hackers Unite – Hack The Planet

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